Group rate assignment

Assign rates and send notifications to multiple Accounts with one easy process.

Advanced rate creation and design

In addition to the typical mash and mark up procedure of combining multiple rate decks to create an offered price, SIPnav allows the user to intelligently modify and adjust crucial build criteria to maximize rate efficiency.

Account, agent, and carrier portal management

SIPnav allows customers, agents and providers to each have a customized portal providing pertinent information to the user.

Document storage and comment logs

Customers and providers typically have contractual documents, notes, and events associated with them. SIPnav consolidates administration, management and tracking of relationships in one location.

Action logs and user tracking

Time and user stamped logs are stored when changes or actions are taken within SIPnav. Users will know who, when and what changes were made.

CID blocking technology

SIPnav Protects carriers from unwanted traffic.

Advanced routing and capacity management

Most switches can set a port capacity for a customer, or a carrier… that’s easy. SIPnav allows for granular changes between a specific account to a specific carrier based on Ports, CPS, ANI Ports, ANI CPS, LATA Ports, LATA CPS.

Graphical Timeline Data

SIPnav displays real time visual data representations for traffic CPS, Ports, and thresholds allowing the user to make more accurate traffic routing decisions. 

Customizable invoicing

Create custom billing options for static or dynamically billed products.

Terms management and shutoff options

Create custom term and invoice cycles with dynamic trunk suspension threshold triggers.

Easy product management and grouping

Simple customer and carrier grouping that allows for maximum organization of functions like rate design, routing groups, and rate assignments.

“Always on” trace, capture and retrieval

SIPNav stores EVERY packet traversing the network. The information can be easily retrieved through a CDR search and call ladder displayed with packet details. 

Detailed traffic reporting and troubleshooting

SIPnav has dozens of data fields that can be quickly displayed in an easy to read formatting with advanced filters for detailed searches. Drill downs for parsed data and granular details provide high visibility into patterns and anomaly’s. 

Secure privilege grouping and assignment

Allows the administrator to determine what users have specific permissions and access to various functionality within SIPnav.

Email notification and system alert control

SIPnav has robust notification and alert policies that can be managed by the administrator and controlled by the users.

Least Cost Routing (LCR)

SIPnav uses cost based policies for routing.

Web sign up integration and agent tracking

With SIPnav, you are always on the switch. Even customer sign ups and agent account creation data is automatically entered into the switch and tracked. No more pointless interop forms that have to be transcribed several times. The customer and carrier are made accountable for managing their own data, removing liability of internal mistakes or need for superfluous procedures.

Custom Code Filtering

SIPnav This feature allows you to create limited footprint rate decks that target specific geographical areas, and NPA/NXX’s.

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